Installation Guide

Detailed installation guide.

SOLoist Tutorial

This tutorial introduces you to everyday development with the SOLoist framework. It will introduce basic concepts underpinning the framework, and teach you the fundamentals of SOLoist, by following a simple example of the organization of a fictive company.

Reference Manual

A complete JavaDoc reference manual for SOLoist GUI API.

Sample Applications

Sample applications are prototypical examples of application fragments or simple applications that demonstrate what can be done and how it can be done in SOLoist. They represent typical patterns of application design or use, implemented in SOLoist.

Case Studies

Short descriptions (with screenshots) of industrial projects and applications developed with SOLoist.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Other Documentation

- Automatic Execution of SQL and Java Alter Scripts. More...

- Automation of Class IDs Assigning. More...

- Data-Model-Based Authorization. More...

- State Machines Documentation. More...

Additional information