Empty SOLoist Project

The easiest way to start SOLoist development is by downloading the Empty SOLoist Project which is a preconfigured Eclipse project for SOLoist applications. It contains SOLoist framework and all required maven dependencies.

» Read the installation guide

SOLoist Package - Version 1.0.16 / June 2015

You should also download SOLoist package which includes SOLoist libraries. You can upload these libraries into your own maven repository for third-party software.

Currently, SOLoist is distributed as a collection of libraries and without source code. If you need the source, please contact us.

JavaDoc is available online, but you could also download zip archive and attach it to SOLoist jar in your IDE.

StarUML SOLoist Plugin - Version 1.0.4 / May 2015

You need to download StarUML SOLoist Plugin to be able to generate code and XMI. You must have StarUML installed before installing the plugin. StarUML can be downloaded from the StarUML website.

You need to import SOLoist framework into StarUML, please read installation guide for details.

Currently, StarUML works only on Windows, though reportedly it can be made to work under Wine on Linux, too. Read Getting StarUML Working on UBuntu 9.10 if you are interested.

Source Code for Demo Applications

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