SOLoist GUI Library

rs.sol.soloist.server.builtindomains.builtindatatypes Provides classes SOLoist built-in data types.
rs.sol.soloist.server.guiconfiguration.components Provides GUI classes for tangible widgets like, label, button, link, menu, menu item, dialog, image, panel, tab, etc. Provides root GUI class and the main class that deals with widget interaction.
rs.sol.soloist.server.guiconfiguration.elementcomponents Provides GUI classes for widgets that display and edit objects from the domain object space.
rs.sol.soloist.server.guiconfiguration.layout Provides classes for invisible GUI widgets that basically perform some kind of behavior on the client, like logics, filtering, relaying, etc.
rs.sol.soloist.server.guiconfiguration.nonvisualcompoments Provides classes that capture widgets' layout specification. Provides classes that capture data formatting of data type instances, domain objects, and model elements.
rs.sol.soloist.server.uml.concepts.reflection Provides classes that capture UML reflection elements.
rs.sol.soloist.server.uml.concepts.runtime Provides classes that capture the runtime elements of the UML model.